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How to persuade mom to get you a bunny

Okay so… us bunnies are awesome.

Us bunnies are great pets if you want something cute but not as much responsibility as a dog. You don’t need to walk us, and you don’t need to wake up at 5 am to walk us. Another really big plus is that we don’t need you to shower us! We are self-cleaning animals. My owner loves it when I groom myself, its funny.

To look at some videos of me grooming myself go to my Instagram: @snufflesthebunnyy

Us bunnies are great pets because we are very quiet! We don’t bark, talk, scream, or anything! Maybe we will make some sounds when we are eating but that’s it!

We are also just really cute and fluffy and marshmallows and sprinkles combined. Whenever you pet us, we will be super duper fluffy. Also, we are so cute and cuddly in pictures!

When you get a bunny, everyone would want to come see it! Bunnies are great socially and they will play with you and chase you!

Thank you for reading all the way down!

If you would like me to tell you anything about bunnies please email me at or tell me in the comments!



Snuffles 🙂

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