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Why Does My Bunny Do This, or That?

Introduction to Happy Bunny Behavior (10)

Since bunnies don’t talk or smile I have made a list of bunny behavior that will help you understand your bunny better and what to do with the particular action 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Binky: When a bunny runs super fast around you or the room. The bunny will also twist in the air almost as if he/she twitches in the air. The bunny will run super fast, jump, twist, and land. A binky shows great happiness :). When this happens make sure you take out your phone and take a million photos. It is just so awesome to look at your bunny being happy.

2. Laying down: When a bunny basically makes a circle with his body. Almost like cuddling his/her feet. They will stick their feet out and probably start to sleep. When a bunny does this it means extreme relaxation and they are probably getting ready to go to sleep.

3. Periscope: When a bunny stands on their hind legs to see or observe. They also might do this to you to ask for treats. “Mommy please get me (more) treats!”

4. Flopping: When a bunny just stops and randomly falls on their side. Don’t think they’re dead… lol. They are just really happy! Take pictures! 🙂

5. Grooming: You probably will know when your bunny is grooming himself/herself. Since you don’t need to shower them, they groom themselves a lot. Some examples of them grooming would be licking their ear, lick their bottom to clean the poop, and itching their fur! There are more but I only listed some. I love it when Snuffles grooms himself, it is so cute! Take videos!

6. Grooming you: When your bunny licks your hand or any part of your body. This will probably take place after or while you are petting them. Since you are grooming them by petting them, they want to groom you by picking your pants to make it look nice or licking you. It is super cute!

7. “Bowing”: When a bunny lowers their head while you are petting them. This means that your bunny likes being pet like that. Keep on doing it! They also might but their ears to the back to be more comfortable. Yay!

8. Tooth clicking: This happens when you are petting him/her, this means he/she likes it! It would be equivalent to a cat purring. Keep petting him/her! TIP: Bunnies love you petting their head.

9.  Sleeping….: Most bunnies sleep with their eyes open. They are starting to sleep when their nose stops twitching. They will probably lie down on one side to get comfortable. zzzzZZZZ…

10. Circling: This is when bunnies either want a treat or wants to tell you he/she loves you. It’s really cute! 🙂

If you see your bunny doing any of these be sure to DM me on Instagram @snufflesthebunnyy or email me at!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helped you a lot! Remember to check out my socials! If you want me to help you with something make sure to email me, DM me, or put it in the comments!

Bye bun! 🙂




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