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What Are the Effects of A Bunny On Their Back?

First, this site helped me a bit,

I want to thank @bearthehollandlopbunny on Instagram for requesting this question. Make sure to follow her! Her bunny is so adorable!

Putting a bunny on his/her back is not going to make them go through paralysis or cause them to die. I personally do that all the time when I carry Snuffles. If you jump around and toss and turn, highly likely your bunny is going to jump out before that. Bunnies are very responsive animals if you are about to cut a nail and you are too close, the bunny is going to jump or reflex. As said in my article, “Why Does My Bunny Do This or That?” bunnies do this thing called flopping, it isn’t necessarily the same thing as laying on their back but flopping is a movement then encourages great happiness. Personally, every time I carry Snuffles, I carry him like that. He doesn’t go through paralysis instead, he sleeps in my arm while I am watching TV shows.

If they do go through some sort of pain, it is because they are prey animals. It is a bit of a reflex. They would go on their back and pretend to be dead. This causes a bit of a danger because it isn’t a trick, they actually think they are being hunted. Their breathing will slow down, and just look dead. When the bunny stops, he will have a fast heart rate. Like us humans and when we stop breathing, our breathing becomes faster.

If you are wondering if carrying your bunny on the back a bit like a cradling position makes them have this reaction, your judgment was slightly off. You can do this because they won’t start playing “dead” if you are cradling them and they are comfortable.

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