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Easter is a Really Bad Holiday For Bunnies!

Bunnies are very loved. If you know the bunny community, they are all very nice. Unfortunately, some people abandon their bunnies. On Easter, their abandon rate is double that of a regular day. That is so horrible!

People think that they can buy a bunny on Easter to show little kids what a bunny looks like and then just throw them away. That’s not how this works.

People also think that bunnies are starter pets because they are small and they need a short amount of attention. This is also very wrong. If you go up to a bunny in a cage or anywhere, they will chase after you for attention or for food. Since their bodies are very small, they are also very fragile. Bunnies are not some “thing” that babies can squeeze.

Easter was made by Jesus and do bunnies have any relation to Jesus? No! This is a very serious issue in the bunny community, people think that it is good for bunnies because they get so much attention, but after they get that attention, all love gets thrown out the window!

Bunnies are not toys, they are real pets that will love you! I can’t even believe that someone would just use bunnies to get attention.

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