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How Should I Feed My Bunny?


Bunnies stomachs are really sensitive! Make sure you don’t start feeding them different kinds of foods at once. This will cause them to have diarrhea and an upset stomach. This article will teach you about how to feed your bunny and what to feed him/her.

Things you can feed your bunny (make sure you feed the right amount!)




-Bok Choy


-Mint leaves

-A lot more! These are just the most common

You must be wondering why I didn’t add lettuce to the list! The reason why is because lettuce causes diarrhea

Things that you can’t feed your bunny




-There are more, but these are just some that you might have a question about


When they get diarrhea, their poop will become wet. (I know that sounds gross…) Their bottom will actually start to get smelly and brown 

When this happens, stop giving your bunny the vegetable/fruit that you are giving him/her.

When this happened to me, I stopped feeding lettuce to Snuffles. Instead, I started to give him a little bit of cilantro. His stomach was feeling better and now I don’t feed him lettuce.

Introducing Different Foods

When you introduce different kinds of foods make sure you introduce them slowly. Don’t start giving him/her strawberries, blueberries, and carrots all in the same day. Your bunny isn’t something you experiment on. You have to introduce a little bit of strawberry. Then, when he is used to strawberries, you introduce blueberries and so on.


Make sure you just introduce foods slowly and do not feed them lettuce! When your bunny has an upset stomach he/she will get diarrhea and it is really not a good smell or sight at all. Please make sure you take care of your bunnies diet and weight. Blog

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