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How do I Litter Train My Bunny?


Your bunny is pooping everywhere! Why? How do I make it stop? Litter training your bunny plays a key factor in your bunnies lifetime.

How do you litter train your bunny? Let me show you!

In the Beginning

When you first get a bunny, try to litter train him or her immediately. This will help your bunny get more used to peeing and pooping in the litterbox.

Set you litter box up so that the hay is right next to the bedding or the hay is on top of the bedding. Whatever way you would like.

Just make sure your bunny is going to be next to both the litterbox and the hay while he or she is pooping/peeing. This is because of how bunnies poop/pee while they eat. Unlike how we poop or pee after we eat.


-make sure your hay rack or hay is on top or next to the litterbox

-make sure your hay rack or the amount of hay in the litterbox is a good amount

-make sure your hay rack is not small


Make sure you have patience. Bunnies are really small which means their brains are really small. They probably won’t remember much until you really practice-practice.

Personally, this only took about one month. Everybunny has different times of learning so don’t be upset if your bunny hasn’t learned.

Things You Need to do to Help Your Bunny Learn

Poop into the Litterbox

Try to put some of your bunnies poop into the litterbox if it isn’t working well. It’s kind of obvious but make sure you don’t get mad over some poop droppings on the floor. Your bunny is going to poop elsewhere sometimes.

Ways to Make Him/Her Stop Peeing Everywhere

When your bunny pees elsewhere (bed, couch, cushion), make sure you react immediately. Say a firm “NO”! Make sure you do not hit him or her with your hand.

If this tactic doesn’t work then get a spray bottle and spray him or her with water.


Make sure you have the patience for this. You will have to put hard work into disciplining your bunny. Peeing is extra annoying because it leaves a stain. When you follow these, your bunny will be litter trained soon. Blog

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