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How to Take Professional Pictures of Your Bunny!

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The advice from these bunny friends is really important so make sure to read all of the quotes!

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How do I get my Instagram followers? How do I take good pictures of my bunny? These questions are things that can be answered in this article! Make sure you read all the things that my bunny friends and I said! Hope you like this article!

Advice from me and my bunny friends

You don’t need a really expensive camera

For my Instagram, I only use my iPhone and editing apps. Although having a camera is better, a phone camera is just as sufficient! You don’t need professional cameras to take good photos! Many of my bunny friends use their phone camera.

You should use natural light


“use natural light”


“Taking photos near a window or if outside [do it outside], just in good light. I always use natural light so I open our blinds and use window lighting and take the photo while facing away from the window.”


“good lighting”

Natural light is such a big component of professional looking photos! Natural light makes everything lighter, makes you look good, and just doesn’t look artificial if you know what I mean.

Open the blinds/curtains if you can. If it is night time, use light in your room. If it is morning, take advantage of the light!


@korncakee and @kornberrybuns

“…slower movements with the bunnies definitely helps. Getting that perfect angle to make sure the background works well can be hard sometimes, but totally worth…”


“Be sure to focus on the bunny’s eyes/face the best you can…”

Getting the right angle really helps when you’re talking about bunnies. Sometimes some bunnies look better on the side, in the front, or posing some kind of way! The angle is so important!

Nothing in the room/background


“Another thing is a good background which means no clutter. Having a nice clean background is important, for example, a white wall or some sort of blanket hanging behind [your] bunny. OR some[thing] interesting, cute surrounding such as a bed or on top of a basket or chair with a blanket.”

Making sure nothing is in the background makes the focus on bunnies so much better. If there is something blue and green in the background, the person that is viewing your photo will pay attention to that. Also, nothing in the room makes it look clean and well thought out.

You could even buy a background if you don’t want to clean! There are plenty of backgrounds to shop for!


Put cute things on your bunny to make them look cute! You could put hats, bows, and even a cape on your bunny! Be creative! People will like your photo just because of that flower crown, that straw hat, and that cute homemade cape!



“I edit all of my photos with a couple of different photos and apps and keep the editing consistent as I do with all of my photography work. I make sure the photo is nice and bright and clear.”

This is my advice, just don’t make it too filtered. If things are too saturated, your bunny will look different in the picture and they want to see your bunny the way they are in real life!



“Working with neutral colors around bunnies are really great! That’s what I typically tend to stick with. And any colors that make bunnies stick out. Since Bristol (her bunny) is dark, I would use white blankets and backgrounds etc.”

When you work with dark bunnies like Bristol, you should make the background light! This is because it brings out your bunnies color! When you have a bunny that is light like mine, you should use darker colors in the background like black.

“Be ready at all times”

@korncakee and @kornberrybuns

“Bunnies especially. Nova goes from 0 to 100 like it’s nothing so the moments go by really quick!”

Bunnies are super fast! You don’t know when they are about to go from “0 to 100”! They could binky, they could flop, they could do anything! Make sure your camera is always ready!



“Another important thing is never making the bunny uncomfortable or putting in a dangerous situation, bunny’s safety always comes first!”


“Short sessions only to ensure bunny doesn’t get stressed out.”

This is really important, your bunny’s comfort level should be high for the picture to really mean something. If you forced the bunny to go in the water just for a picture, that is not okay. Water is extremely dangerous to bunnies.



“…thinking about the composition of the photos is important, which is how the photo is gramed and what you include in the frame. For example, some things to look into, symmetry, the ‘rule of thirds’, cropping, leading lines…”

This is also important, make sure your bunny is in the middle if that is your main focus in the photo. For example, if the wording is the main focus, then you would put the wording in the center.



“…be patient! It might take lots of photos to get one great one!”

This is really true. Bunnies aren’t humans! You can’t tell them to pose like ____ or like ____, your bunny will probably already be cute! Taking a bunch of photos also really helps so that you can pick the best one!



“…give your bunny a treat and pet them so they get comfortable and stay in one place”

Also, you should treat them after the photo shoot! This will show them, “oh, she/he gave me a treat when I was good, I’ll do it next time”!


Setting up the picture of a bunny can be very hard! Taking a picture of your bunny can be very hard! Editing the picture of your bunny can be very hard! If you want to take quality photos of your bunny these are somethings that you need to follow. Blog

Thank you so much for reading this! It took really long for me and I really hope you liked this article! Go check out my Instagram on the sidebar/right @snufflesthebunnyy. Also, go check out my facebook (also on the right/sidebar)! Share it with your other bunny friends! If you have any questions you want me to answer DM me on Instagram or email me at!



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