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What are Hands Used for


Yes, this title might confuse you a little bit. Why? Everyone knows that hands are the best to pet your bunny with and stuff! Many people actually hit their bunny when they do something wrong!

In this article, I will explain that hands are used for only loving and petting!

They are Used for Treats

Hands are always used for treats! Try to hand feed their pellets, their bananas, their apples to them because it will make them always want to lick or come to your hand!

When you do this, they will notice, “oh, whenever I see my mommies/daddies hand, I can get a treat!”

They are Used for Love/Petting

Obviously, you pet your bunny with your hand. Petting is a really big thing that bunnies absolutely love!

They love being groomed for long periods of time and maybe they will give you some kisses back! You never know!

They are NOT Used for Punishing!

Some bunny owners punish their bunny by hitting them when they poop/pee on their bed! This is a big NO-NO! Do not hit your bunny! EVER! This will cause a trigger and they will not be happy at all.

Instead, say no really loudly. If that doesn’t work, spray them with some water! They won’t like it, but it is better than hitting your bunny.


Hands are supposed to be things that bunnies love! Not something that bunnies will hate! They love it when you pet them, kiss them, and give them treats! Always use your hands for love. Blog

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