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How do I Get More Likes on My Instagram/Bunstagram?


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In this article, I will teach you some ways my bunsties and make a decent amount of likes!

Note: I am not a professional Instagrammer, I am just publishing this article to help you. Please do not take offense if you don’t do these things.

Bunny Friends That Helped

Make sure you follow these bunny accounts! They are absolutely amazing!



What My Bunny Friends and I Thought



“I know the bunny/pet community is a lot different than the cosplay/costume pages I run through.”

The picture is honestly the biggest part of why your followers like it. If they see that the picture is artsy, creative, or cute; they will like your post!

If the post doesn’t go with your theme, is poor quality, or is spammy-looking, I don’t think it is a good idea to post it. If you don’t mind getting 50 likes on it when you have 500 followers, go ahead. For example, when I post a giveaway picture, I don’t care if I get 60 likes on it.

Your pictures are also the first thing your likers will see, and maybe they will follow you if they see that you have a nice feed. People are people, so if they don’t like your picture, they won’t like it.


This picture was taken from an iPhone X and the quality was really good; so it got more likes.




“…I am really engaged with the community overall and take an active interest in everyone’s stories and journeys and am just always offering support in any way etc. I think that it’s so wonderful and important to be engaged with the community overall…”

I think that this is a very important factor in getting some bunny to like your picture. If you always talk to this bunny, they will remember to check your profile, look at your story, AND like your posts!

Being engaged will help people to remember you and get reminded of your kindness when you were talking to them!


Tagging is a really good way to tell your bunsties that you posted. You should press the “send post” button and send to a group chat, bunsties or any bunny! This will let them know just in case they didn’t see the post.

-You should tag your most active bunsties or the buns you talk most with.

-When you tag people, make sure you reach the limit so that maximum amount of people know.

-When tagging, try not to put the tags all the way on the bottom or all the way on the top, make the tags noticeable so that people could see who you are tagging. This matters sometimes because if the tag isn’t shown, it might limit someones ability to get to the person’s profile.

Tagging them might get them to tag you as well! Getting them to tag you might get others to go to your profile. They might see your account name and click on it!

This is how you should tag your post

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Active Accounts


“The only thing I tend to stay away from is giveaways as a way to gain followers because I have heard a lot of people will just follow you for the prize and unfollow you once it is over. As a result, you don’t get as many engaging followers or they just simply unfollow you.”

Make sure your followers are active! Not accounts that will follow you and then unfollow you. As Kornberrybuns mentions that giveaways will attract followers that might just do it for the prize.


If you have 100 followers and you are only getting 50 likes, do not assume that 50 likes are bad! 50/100 is 1/2! This means that half of your followers are active! That is pretty good! If you think about it, if you have 1,000 followers, you are going to get 500 likes!

Like Spree Posts

Commenting and participating in Like Spree Posts is a good strategy to get likes. That doesn’t mean they are going to follow you, but it is a good way to get likes. The rules are probably going to be simple and it only takes a short amount of time! A great way for you to get more likes.

This is an example of a like spree post where you would comment a certain amount of tags and then like everyone else’s posts and get likes in return


Instagram Stories

Utilize your Instagram stories! They are a really useful tool and remind your viewers to “check this out” or “like this post”. If you have posted something, you should put it on your story. Maybe some bunny will come across your story and they didn’t like your post yet! This will help a lot.


This ties into the Instagram Stories, but do polls. If you have done other bunny’s polls, you would know that if you said no or didn’t say, you would feel bad. For example, if you came across a bunny account and they said: “did you like my recent post?” “yes” “no”. You would be pulled to say yes and go like their picture. Same thing for your story!

This is an example of a poll to remind people to like my post

This is an example of a goal for my followers


You should have goals for your followers, or even for yourself! Maybe you want to get 100 likes on this post, or 500 likes on that post. It all varies.

On your story, you should put “Get all my recents to 400 likes!” This might remind them to like your post! Maybe you could even put a prize at the end, “I will do a shout out spree” or “spam like the 400th liker” something like that.



I think variety is very important. Make sure you have a variety of photos. Not photos that came from the same photoshoot. You could repeat the same photoshoot twice, but once you get to three, I’m not so sure.

For example, if I had a photo shoot with Snuffles and I posted one photo and then posted another one from the same photoshoot, and then again the next day; it seems redundant and boring.

Giveaway posts are also another thing. If they see that you have a bunch of giveaway posts on your feed, they probably won’t follow you or like your posts. Giveaway posts are a bit messy.

What Really Matters


“I think that it’s so wonderful and important to be engaged with the community overall, not to think about the likes etc but to remember these are all people & bunnies and to get to know them and build relationships!”

This is really important. The likes don’t determine how awesome or how cute your bunny is. In the end, you just want to share your bunny! I believe the purpose of having a bunstagram is to share your bunny’s growth and happiness!

Like Loptales said, it is about growing in the community. Of course getting more likes and more followers are good, but just remember that in the end, this is a great experience to watch other bunnies grow, and grow in the bunny community!


I would say the most major thing is engagement and the quality of the picture. Those are key factors in some bunny liking your photo. Blog

Thank you so much for reading this! I really hope you liked this article! Go check out my Instagram on the sidebar/right @snufflesthebunnyy. Also, go check out my facebook (also on the right/sidebar)! Share it with your other bunny friends! If you have any questions you want me to answer DM me on Instagram or email me at!

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