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How do I Get My Bunny to Flop?


If you don’t know what a flop is, it is when a bunny flops on his/her side. Flopping shows great relaxation and happiness.

In this article, I will teach you how to “make” your bunny flop. Be in mind that every bunny is different! Some of these tips are things that I learned with my bunny.

Making Your Bunny Flop is Not Instant

Getting your bunny to flop might take a very long time! A bunny needs to become really relaxed for a period of time! They need to pick a spot and become comfortable in it.

Make sure you are patient with this. You might not get results in a snap!

Some bunnies are super awesome and comfortable all the time! If you have this kind of bunny, you don’t have to read this article! You are a very lucky human!

When I wanted my bunny to flop, I was very impatient. I kept on moving him to a different spot, trying to pet him constantly, and always give him attention. Although these things might help, you might become more frustrated with yourself rather than happy.

When Your Bunny Flops

When your bunny flops, make sure to wait just a little bit before you get a little closer. They might just be falling asleep.

Make sure you take lots of pictures and send them to me (or post it on Instagram)! If your bunny if positioned a little weirdly (do this when they are sleeping), you can move their ears, their legs, or whatever part very gently.

How to Make Their Chance of Flopping Higher

-Put fleece/comfortable blankets on the surface

-Make the temperature a bit higher

-Pet them

-Make sure the environment is quiet for them to sleep


If you want to take pictures of your bunny’s flop make sure you are patient with it! It will probably take a while until they reach that amount of relaxation. Make sure you take many pictures! Blog

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How to Bond With Your Bunny


Bonding. The most important part of having a bunny. Bonding is the key thing that keeps you and your bunny together. When you bond with your bunny, they will become happier, you will become happier, and it makes beautiful Instagram pictures.

In this article, I will help you bond with your bunny, in simple ways.

Starting Out

When you first get your bunny, he/she will be very afraid to approach you. Whether you got it from a shelter, a person online, or anywhere. You are pulling him/her out of his/her family. They will probably be scared.

Don’t worry, bonding takes time. Make sure you give him/her space and once in a while, give him/her head pats.


When you guys become comfortable, you notice that now, he/she is starting to want your attention rather than not. He/she will start to appreciate your presence and maybe even give you a few kisses and nudges!

When this happens make sure you treat him/her when he/she comes to you!

“Gimme Attention Hoomin”

When your bunny is really comfortable with you, he/she will give you kisses, sleep while you are watching him/her, and binky! Your bunny is so happy all the time when he/she is with you!

When you reach this amount of comfort, make sure you keep on doing what you are doing!

Ways to Bond:

-You can let him out of his/her cage (if he/she has one) and just do your (home)work while he/she is just having fun, grooming, binkying, or even sleeping!

-You can have a bunny massaging session. You can pet him/her on the head, massage his/her cheeks, pet his back, kiss his/her head, or groom him/her with a gentle brush.

-You can teach him/her tricks and give him treats! You can make him/her periscope for a treat, you can make him/her jump high, and many more!


There are many ways to bond with your bunny. These are just some of the ways I bond with my bunny. There are a few phases to bonding with your bunny and when you reach the last phase, you have struck gold. Blog

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