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How Do I Clean My Bunnies Cage?

How to Clean Your Bunnies Cage/Room

*This is how I clean my cage, but I am just giving you a template on which direction you should go*

It takes me about 30 minutes to clean Snuffles’ whole room.

I also have a stop-motion video on my Instagram of me cleaning his room so go check that out @snufflesthebunnyy!

1. I take everything out of Snuffles’ cage such as toys, litterbox, towels, huts, etc.

2. While I am taking everything out, I am dusting the hay off or poop

3. Then, I clean the litterbox (check out my other post on cleaning the litterbox _______ (insert link)

4. I fill and clean Snuffles’ water bowl *TIP: You shouldn’t put soap while you are cleaning the water bowl, bunnies have a very keen sense of smell. Try using a wipe.*

5. After, I take the doggie pads off and put it in the trash (if it is clean enough, I will reuse it)

6. I sweep up the area where the doggie pads are going to go

7. I put new doggie pads in

8. I put everything back in (sometimes I change it up a little bit like on the Instagram video)

9. I sweep the whole room

10. Put Snuffles in his clean cage!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you learned something! Make sure to check my Instagram video!

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How Do I Clean My Bunnies Litter box?

This is how I do it and this is just a template to guide you.

  • You should clean your bunnies litterbox every 1-3 days, I do it every other day.
  • When you clean it every 1-3 days, it will prevent germs and odor
  • There is a stop-motion video of me cleaning Snuffles’ litterbox on my Instagram @snufflesthebunnyy!
  • This method of cleaning is a good method to litter train your bunny because the hay is right next to the place they poop (the bedding)

1. I throw all of Snuffles’ poop in a huge bag (I throw the huge bag out when it is full of poop)

2. I wipe the whole litterbox with toilet paper

3. I wipe the litterbox down with a wipe

4. I add my bedding on the bottom of the litterbox

5. I add my hay on the top of the litterbox

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned something! Check me out on my socials!

Sorry I didn’t post for more than 3 days… 😦