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Where is My Bunny Looking?


Do you ever wonder where your bunny is looking? Or why they can’t see their food when it is right in front of them? I understand because I had these questions.

In this article, I am going to inform you about how bunnies eyes work. I am also going to inform you about how they open their eyes when they sleep.

How Their Eyes Work

Since their eyes are on the sides of their head, they can’t see very well in the front. While their vision is very good, their eyesight in the front is not-so-good.

When you put a treat in front of their face, they are probably not going to see it. What they do is feel with their whiskers.

When they are looking at you, head facing towards you, they are probably going to turn their head. Why? Well, because they are trying to get a better look at you! They can’t see you well in the front.


Most bunnies open their eyes when they are sleeping. I am guessing because they are prey animals, it makes other animals think that they are awake.

My bunny, Snuffles, sleeps with his eyes open.

The way to tell if your bunny is sleeping is by the twitch of their nose. If their nose is wiggling, they are awake. If their nose is not wiggling (maybe just a little), they are sleeping.

Sometimes, Snuffles falls asleep right when I am petting him! They sleep so easily, it’s hilarious.


Bunnies are amazing animals, but they have some flaws. They can’t really see in the front like we do. Most bunnies sleep with their eyes open which is a bit weird. Blog

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