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What Type of Bunny is the Best?


There is no best bunny! They are all super adorable and have their different perks!

In this article, I will teach you some of the most common bunnies people buy. Ranging from Holland Lop to Lionheads!


Basically, the differences in all of these are appearance! It all just depends on what you prefer! If you like droopy ears, consider getting a Holland Lop or a Mini Lop!

Holland Lop

Snuffles is a Holland Lop bunny… I am honestly not sure of this because his ears are always up but its okay! I love him just the way he is!

Holland Lops typically have ears that drop!

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Mini Lop

The difference between a Holland Lop and a Mini Lop is that the Mini Lops are double Holland Lop bunny’s weight.

Mini Lops also have ears that drop.


Lionheads are very unique. They are so cute and they look like Lions! Their ears are pointing up.

Screenshot 2018-04-30 at 10.17.25 PM.png

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Angora bunnies are the cutest! They have the fluffiest face and a lot of fur! They are full of wool and are good for making yarn! They normally come in white but can also be breed.


It doesn’t matter what type of bunny is the best. They are all AMAZING! I just organized this so that you can get a little reference to what other kinds of bunnies look like or if you want to get one! Blog

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What are Hands Used for


Yes, this title might confuse you a little bit. Why? Everyone knows that hands are the best to pet your bunny with and stuff! Many people actually hit their bunny when they do something wrong!

In this article, I will explain that hands are used for only loving and petting!

They are Used for Treats

Hands are always used for treats! Try to hand feed their pellets, their bananas, their apples to them because it will make them always want to lick or come to your hand!

When you do this, they will notice, “oh, whenever I see my mommies/daddies hand, I can get a treat!”

They are Used for Love/Petting

Obviously, you pet your bunny with your hand. Petting is a really big thing that bunnies absolutely love!

They love being groomed for long periods of time and maybe they will give you some kisses back! You never know!

They are NOT Used for Punishing!

Some bunny owners punish their bunny by hitting them when they poop/pee on their bed! This is a big NO-NO! Do not hit your bunny! EVER! This will cause a trigger and they will not be happy at all.

Instead, say no really loudly. If that doesn’t work, spray them with some water! They won’t like it, but it is better than hitting your bunny.


Hands are supposed to be things that bunnies love! Not something that bunnies will hate! They love it when you pet them, kiss them, and give them treats! Always use your hands for love. Blog

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How do I Litter Train My Bunny?


Your bunny is pooping everywhere! Why? How do I make it stop? Litter training your bunny plays a key factor in your bunnies lifetime.

How do you litter train your bunny? Let me show you!

In the Beginning

When you first get a bunny, try to litter train him or her immediately. This will help your bunny get more used to peeing and pooping in the litterbox.

Set you litter box up so that the hay is right next to the bedding or the hay is on top of the bedding. Whatever way you would like.

Just make sure your bunny is going to be next to both the litterbox and the hay while he or she is pooping/peeing. This is because of how bunnies poop/pee while they eat. Unlike how we poop or pee after we eat.


-make sure your hay rack or hay is on top or next to the litterbox

-make sure your hay rack or the amount of hay in the litterbox is a good amount

-make sure your hay rack is not small


Make sure you have patience. Bunnies are really small which means their brains are really small. They probably won’t remember much until you really practice-practice.

Personally, this only took about one month. Everybunny has different times of learning so don’t be upset if your bunny hasn’t learned.

Things You Need to do to Help Your Bunny Learn

Poop into the Litterbox

Try to put some of your bunnies poop into the litterbox if it isn’t working well. It’s kind of obvious but make sure you don’t get mad over some poop droppings on the floor. Your bunny is going to poop elsewhere sometimes.

Ways to Make Him/Her Stop Peeing Everywhere

When your bunny pees elsewhere (bed, couch, cushion), make sure you react immediately. Say a firm “NO”! Make sure you do not hit him or her with your hand.

If this tactic doesn’t work then get a spray bottle and spray him or her with water.


Make sure you have the patience for this. You will have to put hard work into disciplining your bunny. Peeing is extra annoying because it leaves a stain. When you follow these, your bunny will be litter trained soon. Blog

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How Should I Feed My Bunny?


Bunnies stomachs are really sensitive! Make sure you don’t start feeding them different kinds of foods at once. This will cause them to have diarrhea and an upset stomach. This article will teach you about how to feed your bunny and what to feed him/her.

Things you can feed your bunny (make sure you feed the right amount!)




-Bok Choy


-Mint leaves

-A lot more! These are just the most common

You must be wondering why I didn’t add lettuce to the list! The reason why is because lettuce causes diarrhea

Things that you can’t feed your bunny




-There are more, but these are just some that you might have a question about


When they get diarrhea, their poop will become wet. (I know that sounds gross…) Their bottom will actually start to get smelly and brown 

When this happens, stop giving your bunny the vegetable/fruit that you are giving him/her.

When this happened to me, I stopped feeding lettuce to Snuffles. Instead, I started to give him a little bit of cilantro. His stomach was feeling better and now I don’t feed him lettuce.

Introducing Different Foods

When you introduce different kinds of foods make sure you introduce them slowly. Don’t start giving him/her strawberries, blueberries, and carrots all in the same day. Your bunny isn’t something you experiment on. You have to introduce a little bit of strawberry. Then, when he is used to strawberries, you introduce blueberries and so on.


Make sure you just introduce foods slowly and do not feed them lettuce! When your bunny has an upset stomach he/she will get diarrhea and it is really not a good smell or sight at all. Please make sure you take care of your bunnies diet and weight. Blog

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Why Does My Bunny Do This, or That?

Introduction to Happy Bunny Behavior (10)

Since bunnies don’t talk or smile I have made a list of bunny behavior that will help you understand your bunny better and what to do with the particular action 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Binky: When a bunny runs super fast around you or the room. The bunny will also twist in the air almost as if he/she twitches in the air. The bunny will run super fast, jump, twist, and land. A binky shows great happiness :). When this happens make sure you take out your phone and take a million photos. It is just so awesome to look at your bunny being happy.

2. Laying down: When a bunny basically makes a circle with his body. Almost like cuddling his/her feet. They will stick their feet out and probably start to sleep. When a bunny does this it means extreme relaxation and they are probably getting ready to go to sleep.

3. Periscope: When a bunny stands on their hind legs to see or observe. They also might do this to you to ask for treats. “Mommy please get me (more) treats!”

4. Flopping: When a bunny just stops and randomly falls on their side. Don’t think they’re dead… lol. They are just really happy! Take pictures! 🙂

5. Grooming: You probably will know when your bunny is grooming himself/herself. Since you don’t need to shower them, they groom themselves a lot. Some examples of them grooming would be licking their ear, lick their bottom to clean the poop, and itching their fur! There are more but I only listed some. I love it when Snuffles grooms himself, it is so cute! Take videos!

6. Grooming you: When your bunny licks your hand or any part of your body. This will probably take place after or while you are petting them. Since you are grooming them by petting them, they want to groom you by picking your pants to make it look nice or licking you. It is super cute!

7. “Bowing”: When a bunny lowers their head while you are petting them. This means that your bunny likes being pet like that. Keep on doing it! They also might but their ears to the back to be more comfortable. Yay!

8. Tooth clicking: This happens when you are petting him/her, this means he/she likes it! It would be equivalent to a cat purring. Keep petting him/her! TIP: Bunnies love you petting their head.

9.  Sleeping….: Most bunnies sleep with their eyes open. They are starting to sleep when their nose stops twitching. They will probably lie down on one side to get comfortable. zzzzZZZZ…

10. Circling: This is when bunnies either want a treat or wants to tell you he/she loves you. It’s really cute! 🙂

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Bye bun! 🙂




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Top 5 Tips to Know Before Getting A Bunny

Before you get a bunny you have to know these 5 things! These tips will really help you and your bunny in the future! Remember there are a lot of tips I could give you and if you want, I will do more! Say in the comments!

      1. Put the hay next to the litterbox or directly on top of it (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

-This will train the bunny to always go to the litterbox (litter train)

-Bunnies eat and poop at the same time so it would be good to put the litterbox and the hay together

-Personally, I put my hay on one side of the litterbox and filling on the other side

EXTRA TIP: You should probably get a bowl as a water container rather than a bottle because the bowl has a more natural feel to the bunny. The bottle is a bit frustrating for the bunny because there is a very small hole that they have to sip from.

  2. Try not to buy stuffed animals (>.<) zzZ

-You could buy stuffed animals, but they just aren’t going to play with it

-Bunnies care more for comfort, so if anything you should buy a blanket or little house

 3. Let your bunny come to you! Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ

-When you want them to come to you, don’t force it. If you force it, you will weaken the bond with your bunny

-When they come to you give them a treat! (To train them!)

-Personally, when I first got Snuffles, I would run around the room and every time he would follow me, I would give him a treat! (This will tell him, Oh if I follow her, it is good!)

    4. Do NOT carry your bunny ヾ(`ε´)ノ

-Bunnies do not like it when you carry them at all

-If you have to, carry him at a young age so that he could get used to it (but really try not to)

     5. Make sure you give him/her the right type of food and right amount of food when he/she starts to grow up ヾ(^ヮ^)ノ

-When your bunny starts to grow up, you give him fewer pellets

-When your bunny hits 3 months you should start introducing vegetables to him

-Introduce vegetables and fruits slowly so that your bunny’s stomach doesn’t get upset (I didn’t do this process before, so he started to have diarrhea (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू))

-In the beginning, give your bunny an unlimited amount of alfalfa pellets, this will help in his/her growth


Thank you so much for reading! I hope you learned a lot and I hope this helped you!

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How to persuade mom to get you a bunny

Okay so… us bunnies are awesome.

Us bunnies are great pets if you want something cute but not as much responsibility as a dog. You don’t need to walk us, and you don’t need to wake up at 5 am to walk us. Another really big plus is that we don’t need you to shower us! We are self-cleaning animals. My owner loves it when I groom myself, its funny.

To look at some videos of me grooming myself go to my Instagram: @snufflesthebunnyy

Us bunnies are great pets because we are very quiet! We don’t bark, talk, scream, or anything! Maybe we will make some sounds when we are eating but that’s it!

We are also just really cute and fluffy and marshmallows and sprinkles combined. Whenever you pet us, we will be super duper fluffy. Also, we are so cute and cuddly in pictures!

When you get a bunny, everyone would want to come see it! Bunnies are great socially and they will play with you and chase you!

Thank you for reading all the way down!

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Snuffles 🙂

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